Financing Your Future: Scholarships, Financial Aid and ROI


At Hult, we offer a range of merit-based scholarships and financial aid options for all programs in order to reduce the program fee cost for our students.

Scholarships are available to all students regardless of citizenship. Our scholarships are available to accepted students who meet special criteria, reflecting their personal, academic, or professional achievements. Students are selected based on their abilities to perform in a dynamic classroom environment and business leadership potential.

Available Scholarships

  • Academic Excellence
  • Social Impact
  • Global Professional
  • Consulting Professional
  • Financial Professional
  • Women in Business
  • Entrepreneurial Impact
Financial Aid
Financial institutions in many countries offer educational finance, especially for local citizens wishing to pursue an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. These loans are typically repayable after completion of the course, although terms vary widely. We are happy to work with students to help them identify suitable financial institutions and have an established partnership with GoEd Student Financing to offer student loans to international students enrolling in our programs.

Return-on-Investment (ROI)
A graduate degree is a major expense. Students should carefully consider the length of the degree program and how employable their degree will make them upon completion.

Many students choose Hult because our programs are only one-year in length, allowing them to complete their degree quickly and minimize time out of the workforce. Our grads emerge with a highly practical degree, international experience, and enjoy an increase in earning potential.

Hult ROI

  • #1 Return on Investment —The Economist, 2014
  • #1 Diversity of Industries Recruiting Graduates —The Economist, 2014
  • #10 Employer Satisfaction —Bloomberg Businessweek, 2014
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Modified on February 10, 2015

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