Funding the Dream: Plan A, B and C for Finding Scholarships


So, you’ve chosen your school, you’re pretty sure you’ll meet the entry requirements, but…can you actually afford it?

These days, the average Canadian student can expect to graduate $26,297 in debt. Whilst a good education is a worthwhile investment, a scholarship can take the sting out of its tail.

Plan A
At Les Roches in Switzerland, we attract the most brilliant and promising talent and our scholarship programs reflect our commitment to this.

Our 2014 scholarships for tuition fees are:

  • Presidential Scholarship (10%, 15%, 20%)
  • Alumni and Children of Alumni (10%)
  • Hotelier (Hospitality) Scholarship (10%)
Plan B
Of course, if you don’t win one of our scholarships, there are different solutions at hand to fund your dream.

  • Check out your library for a catalogue of trusts and funds that support education. Often funding criteria are really specific, and linked to criteria such as hobbies, school grades, place of birth, academic pathways etc.
  • Research companies that may be willing to fund part of your university education in exchange for a commitment to work for them upon graduation. Competition is stiff, but rewards are great.
  • The Canadian government may be able to help through their student loan program. Access loan options via
  • You can also get tax off your tuition fees for Les Roches. Contact the Canada Revenue Agency for more information.
Plan C
If Plan B and Plan C do not work out, plan C involves going ahead anyway in the pursuit of your dream education.

Take courage in the fact that 86% of Les Roches students graduate with at least one job offer, and that the hospitality and services industries offer some of the highest-potential jobs that exist.

Modified on February 10, 2015

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