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A high quality, university education is one of the most important investments you will make in your lifetime. At Tyndale University College, you can make it an affordable one as well.

Mark Fisk, a recent Tyndale grad, set a goal to graduate debt-free. Read the story of how he made it happen at to see how you can also enjoy your university experience at Tyndale free from financial worries.

Tyndale has Financial Aid Counsellors in place to help you minimize your costs and maximize your student income while at school. Together, you can make a budget that is tailored to your individual situation, and your counsellor will also direct you through the application process for scholarships and bursaries. Filling out forms is never a tedious task when they can lead to thousands of dollars in financial awards!

Tyndale offers many financial awards each year, and your advisor will also match you with external bursaries and scholarships. Since 80% of scholarships in Canada are simply not claimed each year, it is key to get professional help to maximize your exposure to these awards.

When you apply to Tyndale’s internal scholarships and bursaries, government assistance also becomes available to you. OSAP is extremely helpful, and the application process is simple with a financial counsellor to guide you.

Financial needs are taken into account for some awards and others are based largely on grades. It’s good to keep your grades up since even 1% can make a difference of thousands of dollars! With the help of the Financial Aid Office, 62% of Tyndale students received financial aid in 2013/14: contact one of our financial counsellors to begin forming your financial plan today.

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Modified on February 10, 2015

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