Factors I Considered When Choosing the Right University


With over 150 universities and colleges in Canada, it can be stressful choosing your top three, and even more stressful choosing one school if you get accepted into many.

Last year that is exactly what happened to me. I got accepted into the University of Guelph, Wilfrid Laurier University, Queens University, and McMaster University. Choosing one was a tough process. I had three primary measures for choosing a university; I wanted to go to a school that is medium-sized, near Toronto, and one with a good economics program.

The best advice I could give someone who gets accepted into multiple schools is to visit each campus. Unless you are studying in a different province or country, I would strongly urge you to spend a weekend touring different campuses to avoid a negative university experience.

I found by attending open houses and campus tours I got a full sense of the school environment, which is unachievable from viewbooks and a university website. Additionally, I got the opportunity to meet current students and ask questions about student life. This helped me to see the differences among the schools and what I found important.

Though I liked Queens, Guelph, and McMaster, they were not the right fit for my goals. I chose to attend Laurier. Laurier has the tight-knit community feeling, with modern facilities and the several academic and social groups. It also has a great economics program with an opportunity for co-op.

In this article I wrote about why I chose to attend Laurier, everyone has different beliefs of what makes a university a good choice. Using any kind of scale is valid if it will positively impact your university experience, whether that is academics, social groups, or status of your school. Do your research and this will ensure your school of choice is right for you.

Modified on December 26, 2017

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