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Experience Briercrest College: February 14-16th

How much does it cost?

Experience Briercrest is a completely free event! As our welcome guest you will receive free accommodations, meals, transportation (i.e. around the campus, to and from Moose Jaw, and by our complimentary airport shuttle if you are flying into the Regina Airport) as well as other group activities.

Take the experience deeper: Each year, there are several events that complement and deepen the experience of life on campus. You can link your Experience Briercrest with these events:
RETHINK Conference - Early October
Briercrest Christmas Festival - Late November
Youth Quake - Mid February
*Each of these events have individual registrations required - please ask for details.

Is there any compensation for my travel costs?

Anyone who attends Experience Briercrest as a registered participant will be eligible to receive a portion of his/her expenses back in the form of a tuition rebate if he/she decides to attend Briercrest as a full-time student and has travelled at least 170km. The amount each student receives will be determined by the distance he/she has traveled. The rebate will be applied to the student's account when he/she arrives in the fall.

How do I register for the event?

Fill out the Experience Briercrest Registration Form. If you have any questions about Experience Briercrest please feel free to call or email the Admissions Office at or 1-800-667-5199.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, Central Standard Time (CST)

Event Type: Information Session - School Information

Location: Caronport, SK, Canada

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